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Create, edit and convert to and from CharacterAI dumps, Pygmalion, Text Generation and TavernAI formats easily

Supports both JSON and Character Card image files

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CharacterAI Metadata

Image Generation
  • Pygmalion · Character Name

    The character's name

  • Text Generation · Bot's name
  • TavernAI · Used but uneditable
  • KoboldAI · Name
  • CharacterAI · Name

    This will be the name your Character uses in chat

Name is required by all formats
  • Pygmalion · Not used
  • Text Generation · Not used
  • TavernAI · Personality summary

    A brief description of the personality

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Short Description

    In just a few words, how would your Character describe themselves?

  • Pygmalion · Character Persona

    Describe the character's persona here. Think of this as CharacterAI's description + definitions in one box.

  • Text Generation · Context (Persona)
  • TavernAI · Description

    Description of personality and other characteristics

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Long Description

    In a few sentences, how would your Character describe themselves?

  • Pygmalion · Scenario

    Optionally, describe the starting scenario in a few short sentences.

  • Text Generation · Context (Scenario)
  • TavernAI · Scenario

    Circumstances and context of the dialogue

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Not used
  • Pygmalion · Character Greeting

    Write the character's greeting here. They will say this verbatim as their first response.

  • Text Generation · Used but uneditable
  • TavernAI · First message

    First message from the character

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Greeting

    What would your Character say to start a conversation?

  • Pygmalion · Example Chat

    Optionally, write in an example chat here. This is useful for showing how the character should behave, for example.

  • Text Generation · Used but uneditable
  • TavernAI · Examples of dialogue

    Forms a personality more clearly

  • KoboldAI · ???
  • CharacterAI · Definition

    Example conversations and information to define your Character

Export as Image

Compatible with Text Generation / TavernAI

Character Cards are PNG images with embedded JSON

Export as JSON

Compatible with Pygmalion / Text Generation / TavernAI

There is currently a bug in TavernAI which stops it from importing all data from JSON files! You are strongly encouraged to import your character as a Character Card image to avoid the issue